Pandemic-related ‘exodus’ causes Chicago contractor to relocate to West Michigan

BY Friday, October 02, 2020 02:49pm

GRAND JUNCTION — Boutique contractor Integro Builders LLC is moving its headquarters from Chicago to West Michigan where it plans to expand and meet growing demand caused by the pandemic.

The company announced Thursday its new headquarters are now located at 52273 Lakes Ave. in Grand Junction, about 15 miles east of South Haven. The full-service firm specializes in custom luxury homes and commercial interiors, with typical construction prices around $400 per square foot, said Allyson Case Anderson, founder and CEO of Integro Builders.  

Allyson Case Anderson, founder and CEO of Integro Builders COURTESY PHOTO

“There are only a handful of contractors doing the scale of work that we’re doing in the area and they’re booked out for a couple years,” Anderson said. “We’re excited and we’re here to fulfill a need and serve the community — we’re not here to take over or take any work from people that are local.”

Anderson said Integro’s architectural clients have encouraged the company’s move to West Michigan for a few years, while the pandemic has driven up housing demand in the area. Integro will maintain a presence in Chicago with headquarters in Michigan.

“There is an exodus coming from Illinois, particularly from the pandemic,” Anderson said. “People want to have more space and flexibility — whether that’s temporary or not remains to be seen. The demand was strong enough this year to take the leap.”

Integro Builders has five in-house employees and about 40 subcontractor crews. Anderson said some employees will move from Chicago based on a labor shortage in Michigan. Integro completes eight to 10 projects a year, which Anderson hopes to increase to 14-20 annually.

 “This new venture offers an exciting opportunity for Integro Builders to rapidly expand our reach and meet the growing demand for reliable, high quality general contractors in the West Michigan area,” Anderson said.

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