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Attendees at a prior Do More Good annual conference.  Attendees at a prior Do More Good annual conference. COURTESY PHOTO

Do More Good merges with Nebraska nonprofit to offer ‘toolkit’ for organizations

BY JOSH SPANNINGA Sunday, February 28, 2021 11:48am

Grand Haven-based nonprofit Do More Good has merged with a Nebraska organization that provides educational resources to nonprofits across the U.S., a move that officials say will expand their reach and mission.

Do More Good Executive Director Katie Appold will lead both organizations after merging with Lincoln, Neb.-based Nonprofit Hub, which helps nonprofits with marketing and educational and training resources.

“We plan to keep both brands active, but with Nonprofit Hub really filling that role of being the toolbox for nonprofits. They’re resource rich, they’re education driven,” Appold told MiBiz. “We see Do More Good as being kind of the flagship brand. We encourage nonprofits to say they’re a Do More Good organization or a Do More Good company.”

Since launching in 2019, Do More Good has partnered with Nonprofit Hub on various projects, including last year’s Giving Tuesday campaign, a global effort to drive donations on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. A sort of comraderie formed during the collaboration, and it quickly became apparent that both brands were able to do more together than they were able to alone, Appold said.

“We’re doing so many similar things,” Appold said. “They needed leadership, we needed the infrastructure and audience reach that they had established. So it was kind of a perfect marriage.”

Do More Good also brings to the table its membership program, which over the past two years has built a base that includes Junior Achievement, Degagé and Laugh Fest. Various membership levels for businesses or individuals help with networking and curated content. Membership fees go into a shared pool that helps drive content and bring in guest speakers. 

“We started that with the vision that every organization could put in a little tiny bit and together, cumulatively, we’d have a huge impact,” Appold said.

Nonprofit Hub has built a growing online nonprofit community since 2011, said Jordan Geisert, a former Nonprofit Hub graphic designer who will be assistant executive director under the merger.

“Our website has become a one-stop shop for nonprofits to find resources, and most of the content that we offer is free,” Geisert said.

The content includes blog posts, a podcast, webinars and downloadable guides for improving nonprofit operations.

However, a key component of the merger will be combining the two organizations’ popular annual conferences, officials say. Do More Good holds its annual conference each fall in Grand Rapids while Nonprofit Hub’s Cause Camp is held each spring, which Forbes has called a “must-attend nonprofit conference.” The events will combine under the Cause Camp name going forward. 

“I think it’s going to be so incredible because we have double the manpower now,” Geisert said. “And we can really get behind our mission and start to really make a difference.”

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