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Lakeshore clean energy firm secures $250K accelerator grant COURTESY PHOTO

Lakeshore clean energy firm secures $250K accelerator grant

BY MIBIZ STAFF Thursday, May 14, 2020 12:27pm

HOLLAND — Jolt Energy Storage Technologies LLC has received $250,000 to further advance its utility-scale energy storage solutions.

The grant funding was awarded via GCxN, a program commonly known as Shell GameChanger operated in partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory and Shell Global

The selective accelerator program aims to help push forward the commercialization of clean energy technologies and reduce investment risk for recipients. 

Jolt’s technology for energy storage helps to address a key barrier in the widespread adoption of renewable energy, according to co-founder Jack Johnson, who characterizes the company’s innovation as “a true game changer” for the industry. 

“The sun isn’t always shining and the wind isn’t always blowing, so we need ways to adequately store the energy to fill the gaps in production,” Johnson said in a statement. “Jolt is working to fill those gaps with an efficient, clean, high-capacity energy storage solution.” 

Only two other clean energy technology firms received the funding in the program’s most recent round. 

For Jolt, the funding comes on top of a $200,000 Department of Energy grant the company received last August, as MiBiz previously reported. The company previously secured funding from Muskegon Angels and Red Cedar Ventures, among others. 

Jolt’s technology deploys a flow battery stack with organic materials stores in external tanks that are passed through electrochemical cells. Michigan State University’s Bioeconomy Institute in Holland is working to develop the materials, which allow the batteries to offer affordable large-scale storage. 

As well, Jolt is part of the Lakeshore Advantage Corp. SURGE program, which helped the company secure SmartZone funding from the Michigan Economic Development Corp. 

“Jolt’s success is a testament to their leadership, collaboration and thoughtful approach to solving an advanced energy storage problem and disrupting the industry along the way,” Amanda Chocko, director of SURGE entrepreneurial services at Lakeshore Advantage, said in a statement. 

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