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Consumers Energy plans 200 more electric vehicle chargers over next 2 years

BY Monday, February 21, 2022 05:55am

JACKSON — Consumers Energy plans to provide 200 rebates for electric vehicle charging stations in its Lower Peninsula service territory over the next two years.

The Jackson-based utility today will announce the plan, which includes 100 rebates for Level 2 chargers at overnight stay facilities such as hotels and 100 Level 3 fast-charging stations. The Level 3 chargers will be supported by $70,000 rebates for site hosts. The funding was approved by the Michigan Public Service Commission late last year.

“This is really important infrastructure, in our mind, for ensuring people can take their electric vehicle basically anywhere they want and not have to worry about finding a charger when they get there,” said Jeff Myrom, Consumers’ director of electric transportation customer programs.

Businesses can apply through the utility for the rebates, which will begin to be issued this summer. To date, Consumers has provided 200 rebates for Level 2 chargers and 35 rebates for fast-charging stations.

The Level 2 chargers at overnight stay locations will help to “maximize (charging) in off-peak times for the load profile when electricity is cheapest and when people are using the least amount of electricity,” Myrom said. “We fully expect a majority of charging in the future will happen at those Level 2 chargers.”

Ten of the Level 2 stations are also planned for multifamily dwelling units.

Consumers expects 1 million electric vehicles by 2030 in its service territory covering much of the Lower Peninsula. Citing Secretary of State data, Consumers officials say the number of electric vehicles increased 58 percent in Michigan over the past year.

The rebates come as Michigan is poised to receive $110 million in federal infrastructure funding over five years for electric vehicle charging stations. In her most recent budget recommendations, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has proposed $50 million for $2,000 point-of-sale rebates on new electric vehicle purchases and $500 rebates for at-home charging equipment. Whitmer also proposes spending $10 million to begin converting the state government’s fleet to electric vehicles.

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