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Holland video interviewing platform hires first president

BY Wednesday, April 07, 2021 04:01pm

HOLLAND — A West Michigan-based business that has developed a video interviewing platform for employers and potential employees has named its first president.

Competitive Wedge LLC, a web-based tech startup out of Holland, dipped into its own advisory board to find the right candidate for the newly minted position. This week, Wedge announced that Theo Rokos would take on the role and is responsible for guiding the five-year-old business forward.

Rokos is no stranger to the recruiting industry, previously serving as chief revenue officer at Job.com. Rokos is also the former co-founder and CEO of a company called GreenJobInterview, which was founded back in 2007 and pioneered video interviewing.

“There are few people who understand HR technology, and more specifically video interviewing, as well as Theo,” Wedge CEO Matt Baxter said in a statement. “He’s witnessed the evolution and advancement first-hand and knows what talent acquisition teams are looking for in terms of technology. Theo’s been an invaluable member of our advisory board, and I am thrilled to have him accept this role.”

Over the summer of 2020, Wedge announced that it had concluded a three-month funding round that totaled $500,000. The round ended in June of last year and the company has raised $1 million to date.

“It will surprise almost no one to hear that HR technology has changed dramatically in recent years, but one thing remains clear: Video is a game-changing recruiting tool for organizations of all sizes,” Rokos said in a statement. “Video empowers candidates to demonstrate more of what they have to offer, helps recruiters and hiring managers improve collaboration, mitigate bias and identify top talent faster, and at the same time, streamlines the process for everyone involved.

“Wedge is at an exciting point in their journey as a company, and together, we’ll focus on delivering candidate-centric experiences while building out the future of video screening solutions.”

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