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GR-based tech company launches products to help mid-market distributors amid supply shortages

BY Monday, October 11, 2021 04:56pm

GRAND RAPIDS — A Grand Rapids-based tech company has launched a new lineup of digital products tailored to the needs of mid-market distributors of all industries.

Cavallo Solutions, formerly known as SalesPad LLC, last week unveiled solutions that help traditional customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to meet the industry-specific needs of distributors.

“Companies are still experiencing supply shortages with high demand due to the pandemic,” Cavallo Chief Product Officer Jeremy Boogaart told MiBiz in an email. “In response, Cavallo further embraced its long-standing relationships with distributors, with the understanding of the challenges they are facing daily. As distributors manage the impact of growing e-commerce demands, and keeping up with customer satisfaction, Cavallo provides the tools to ensure these companies remain resilient in the pandemic and beyond.”

As Cavallo rebranded from SalesPad over the summer, the company also launched its distribution Cloud platform, announcing the future release of these new products.

Cavallo released its Distribution Cloud, which features sales and order management features for distributors and distribution centers. The company also unveiled Cavallo SalesPad, which adds additional features to the popular ERP system Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Finally, Cavallo released a Cloud-based intelligence tool called Cavallo Analytics Cloud, which helps to highlight inefficiencies in a distribution operation.

The company said that existing clients can easily integrate these new solutions into their distribution operations.

“Cavallo can work with the distributors needing to adapt through flexible, workflow solutions,” Boogaart said. “This includes companies in need of quickly pivoting the product model all together, such as shampoo suppliers who now make hand sanitizer in response to COVID. While your product needs may change, distribution adaptation can be made easy.”

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