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Aaron Zeigler, President, Zeigler Auto Group Aaron Zeigler, President, Zeigler Auto Group MiBiz File Photo

2017 Outlook: Aaron Zeigler, Zeigler Auto Group

BY Sunday, December 25, 2016 04:24pm

To say Aaron Zeigler is optimistic may be an understatement. Zeigler Auto Group recently topped $1 billion in annual revenue and expects to add another $50 million in revenue before the close of this year. By March, the organization hopes to finish construction on a motorsports dealership and “action park” — complete with a full restaurant, bar and several miles of test tracks — that will serve as a destination for enthusiasts, said Zeigler, the president of the dealership group. He projects growth by acquisition to continue to heat up in 2017. “We could add another three to four dealers next year pretty easily,” he said. Overall, Zeigler bets the economy will likely continue to grow, particularly if the incoming administration fulfills its promises to cut taxes. 

"The last five years, the economy has gotten stronger and stronger and I think it’s going to continue to be really strong, maybe as good as we’ve seen it. Reason being, if you look at unemployment, it’s extremely low. Interest rates are extremely low right now. It seems like there’s a lot of pent-up demand in our industry and sales have been really strong. I don’t see anything right now that’s going to slow that down. We have a ton of tailwinds behind us and I think that’s going to continue not only into next year but into the next couple years. … I think the fundamentals of the economy are so good right now that there’s also a lot of exuberance out there in the market. If the government does some things like cut taxes like they’re talking about, I think that could really help drive the economy as well."Aaron Zeigler, President, Zeigler Auto Group

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