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Muskegon-based ScentLok Technologies, whose products are shown here, has acquired the assets of Robinson Outdoor Products LLC out of Chapter 11 bankruptcy Muskegon-based ScentLok Technologies, whose products are shown here, has acquired the assets of Robinson Outdoor Products LLC out of Chapter 11 bankruptcy COURTESY PHOTO

ScentLok Technologies acquires assets of Minnesota firm out of Chapter 11 bankruptcy

BY Friday, July 07, 2017 12:08pm

MUSKEGON — ScentLok Technologies Inc. acquired the assets of Minnesota-based Robinson Outdoor Products LLC from Chapter 11 bankruptcy yesterday.

The Muskegon-based manufacturer of human odor control technology and clothing for hunters purchased Robinson Outdoor Products — which also makes odor control technology, clothing and safety devices for hunters — after it declared bankruptcy on March 28, according to reports.

The acquisition of Robinson Outdoor Products includes the ScentBlocker, ScentShield, Tree Spider and Whitewater Outdoors brands, which ScentLok executives hope will add new technology to the company’s portfolio.

“ScentBlocker was a main competitor of ours, and basically as the markets have changed and retail is tough, we felt we wanted to have a total odor management platform,” Nick Andrews, vice president of marketing at ScentLok, told MiBiz. “We are a technology company first and they had some great tech we felt we wanted to integrate into our portfolio.”

Specifically, the acquisition will add a bottling line for Robinson’s ScentShield line of odor-reducing sprays. ScentLok has its own line of sprays, but it wasn’t a focus for the company primarily because it lacked a bottling facility, Andrews said.

The acquisition will also allow ScentLok to add hunter safety products, including harnesses for use in tree stands with Robinson Outdoor’s Tree Spider brand.

“We’re improving on (the products) and finding their best applications,” ScentLok owner and CEO Patrick Hylant said in a statement. “Customers can expect to see some of that DNA incorporated into new products as early as next year. We will continue to relentlessly drive to solve real problems for real customers and bring the absolute best products to market.”

ScentLok will maintain the separate brand identity for the Robinson brands of products.

Executives plan to integrate all of Robinson Outdoor Products’ operations into the ScentLok offices and distribution facilities in Muskegon.

ScentLok employs approximately 25 workers in Muskegon and classifies itself as a middle market company, according to Andrews, who declining to disclose the company’s annual sales.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed, however the Minnesota Bankruptcy court authorized Robinson Outdoor Products to sell its assets and accounts receivable for approximately $5.7 million and $727,512, respectively.

Robinson Outdoor Products listed nearly $6.8 million in unsecured claims against it when it filed for bankruptcy protection, according to court documents.


The acquisition isn’t the first time ScentLok and Robinson Outdoor Products have interacted.

In early 2016, A.L.S. Enterprises Inc., the Muskegon-based parent company ScentLok, sued Robinson Outdoor Products over a series of advertisements the company launched in 2013, according to a report in Outdoor Life. A.L.S. Enterprises alleged Robinson Outdoor Products presented false advertisements and a jury found the company liable and ordered it to pay A.L.S. Enterprises a settlement of $3.8 million.

A U.S. District Court later vacated the jury’s order for a settlement.

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