Workforce Strategies for Manufacturers

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Industry 4.0, Smart Manufacturing, Digital shop floor, Digital Continuous Improvement, Automated Factory. These are all terms that are used today to talk about the next generation of manufacturing production. But what do they really do for you as a manufacturing leader? And how can it help you continue to be competitive in today's market? We added two additional webinars in our 2022 series to discuss real stories, both the good and the bad, from manufacturers on the implementation road and what their results look like.       

The Workforce That Is Coming: How Manufacturers Are Engaging The Workforce Coming Up

February 23, 2022


The shortage of available labor is not going away. Graduating classes are only getting smaller and every industry is competing for the talent we have. In this first webinar, we’ll hear from educators, manufacturers, and connectors forming relationships with young people at all stages of their education. Discover what skills young people are learning, how manufacturers influence that, and other strategies to encourage students to explore careers in manufacturing.  Click HERE to watch the recording. Click HERE to download webinar resource notes.

The Workforce Manufacturers Have: How Manufacturers Are Developing Their Current Workforce

April 14, 2022


In today’s world employees have a choice, they have more ability to find employment that fits with who they are. As employers, we need to recognize that and make the transition to new employment an easier task. In this second webinar in our series, we’ll hear strategies for onboarding and growing culture to meet this demand. Hear ideas on how manufacturers are doing it, and what others have learned along the way. Click HERE to watch the recording. Click HERE to download webinar resource notes. 

The Workforce That is Necessary: How Manufacturers Are Building Skills for the Future Factory

June 8, 2022


We are currently transforming how and what we make - the Fourth Industrial Revolution is here and the 5th is coming. These iterations of change will be faster in the future and likely driven by improvements in digital technology, leaps of computing power, and additional global disruptions. Rounding out our series, this third webinar will focus on identifying the skills and competencies needed for the 21st manufacturing business and how to build or attract a workforce that has them. Click HERE to watch the recording. Click HERE to download webinar resource notes.

Industry 4.0, Stories from the Road: What Does an Implementation Really Look Like?

July 20, 2022


Join us to hear from local manufacturers about how they are approaching and implementing Industry 4.0. What they did to get their employees ready for the journey, what they learned along the way, what technologies they implemented, and how it’s going today.

Industry 4.0, Stories from the Road: What Are the Critical Mechanics of Success?

August 31, 2022


Join us for our final webinar of the year, the one that ties everything together. Join us to learn why Industry 4.0 is a strategic issue for today’s manufacturer and how manufacturers need to tie the workforce and the technologies together. (Spoiler alert: there are competitive benefits of doing so!)