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Sunday, 30 January 2022 18:04

Manufacturers get creative to out-maneuver automation supply chain delays

When Shawn O’Farrell couldn’t find a standard turnkey component for an automation system, he shopped around for it on eBay as a last-ditch effort.

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Sunday, 05 December 2021 18:15

Automation companies sustain growth despite workforce, supply chain challenges

John Amrhein and his team at Orka Automation LLC are seeing newfound levels of demand from current and potential clients looking to leverage technology to fill gaps left behind by labor shortages. 

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Sunday, 29 August 2021 18:00

Amid growth, Dematic shifts focus to automation as pandemic exposes new customer needs

GRAND RAPIDS — As an executive at a global company serving firms in the e-commerce, logistics and warehousing spaces, Mike Larsson has noticed the needs of his customers change dramatically over the last year.

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Tuesday, 10 August 2021 16:48

St. Joseph automation manufacturer expanding, adding 20 jobs to support growth

ST. JOSEPH — Southwest Michigan company Edgewater Automation LLC is expanding as manufacturers across the state adopt automation to help ease workforce pressures.

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Sunday, 06 June 2021 11:47

MiBiz Growth Report: June 6, 2021

Here is the MiBiz Growth Report for June 6, 2021.

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Sunday, 17 January 2021 18:47

Additive manufacturing grows from buzzword to key industry player

As owner of Forerunner 3D Printing LLC, Paul DeWys utilizes the evolving process of additive manufacturing to primarily produce short runs of complex parts for area businesses, or help them bring those same capabilities to the shop floor.

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Sunday, 17 January 2021 18:42

Small and medium manufacturers lag behind in Industry 4.0 race

As a company that has operated for more than 70 years, Jenison-based Nu-Wool Co. Inc. certainly was not oblivious to the fact that higher levels of technology and automation could transform its production process, according to executives.

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Sunday, 02 August 2020 19:45

Pandemic pushes manufacturers to lean on, reconsider Industry 4.0 technologies

When the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic made life complicated for Eaton Corporation plc’s Vehicle Group, the company leveraged Industry 4.0 technology to wade through it all.

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Sunday, 12 August 2018 19:29

PE firm Concurrence Capital invests in Sparta telecom contractor

GRAND RAPIDS — Concurrence Capital Holdings LLC has closed on a deal to acquire a Sparta-based telecommunications contractor.

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Sunday, 01 April 2018 23:02

Buyers outnumber sellers as more PE firms, individual investors enter the market

When Alan Hartline purchased Kingma’s Market four years ago, he pivoted away from a corporate world in which he was at the “mercy of quarterly earnings and Wall Street.”

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Sunday, 18 March 2018 11:12

Technical knowhow: West Michigan evolves as hub for automation

Michigan’s role in improving manufacturing efficiency has come a long way since the invention of the assembly line.

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Sunday, 15 October 2017 20:00

MiBiz Growth Report: Oct. 16, 2017

Here is the MiBiz Growth Report for Oct. 16., 2017:

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Sunday, 01 October 2017 17:00

In first deal, PE firm Concurrence Capital invests in Holland automation firm

A West Michigan-based private equity firm closed on its first deal with an investment in Holland-based Mission Design & Automation LLC.

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